Our Mission

AKF Athens Martial Arts is a traditional martial arts school. Not only do we teach usable physical skills and techniques, but we also emphasize the development and growth of the total individual. We work to instill in our students such values and attributes as tolerance, serenity, self-discipline, self-confidence, and respect for others. Our black belt staff is dedicated to providing the finest possible instruction and guidance in order to produce students who, because of their mental and physical sense of well-being, find little need to rely on the use of physical force.

What We Do

Our primary style, Kyuki-Do is a Korean martial art that incorporates elements of Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Judo. Kyuki-Do was introduced to the United States in 1967 by Grand Master Ok Hyung Kim, the founder of the art. Grand Master Kim went on to found the American Kyuki-Do Federation (Kyuki-Do’s sanctioning body) in 1979.

Kyuki-Do is designed to be practical, versatile, and effective at a variety of different ranges and in a variety of different situations. The Tae Kwon Do – derived kicks and strikes provide excellent power at medium and long range, while the throws, locks, chokes and joint manipulation of Judo and Hapkido allow for effective close range fighting and grappling.

Kyuki-Do is a living, growing martial art that continues to expand and change. In addition to the core elements of Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Hapkido, Kyuki-Do also includes techniques from Jujitsu, Karate, boxing, wrestling, traditional weapons from Okinawa and the Philippines, and many other arts and styles.

Kyuki-Do is more than just an effective system of self defense; it is a martial art that encourages students to realize their own potential, both physically, mentally and spiritually. Students of Kyuki-Do learn discipline, self-control, patience, persistence and respect for themselves and others. Students are expected to continually strive to perfect themselves, both in the do jang, and in every other area of their life.

Cross Training

AKF Athens Martial Arts provides expert instruction in several other styles, including Aikido, Judo and Hapkido.  For more information on our cross training opportunities, please see our Programs page.

Our Instructors

Master Ken Blumreich

Master Ken Blumreich has been active in the martial arts since 1990. He began studying Kyuki-Do and Judo under Master Lloyd Holden in Janesville, Wisconsin, serving as an assistant instructor for several years, and eventually moving to Athens, Georgia to open his own studio in 2000.  While his primary art is Kyuki-Do, Master Blumreich also trains in Judo (studying under Master Lloyd Holden, Grandmaster Larry Beard and Sensei Phil Tomporowski), Hapkido (studying under Master Lloyd Holden and Grandmaster Ken Ok Hyung Kim) and Yoshukai Karate (under Sensei Dr. Erik Hofmeister). He is currently ranked as 5th Dan Kyuki-Do, 2nd Dan Hapkido, 2nd Dan Yoshukai Karate, 1st Dan Judo, and several honorary ranks in other arts.

Mr. Robert Bishop

Mr. Robert Bishop is an instructor at AKF Athens and currently ranked 3rd Dan in Kyuki-do, 2nd Dan in Yoshukai Karate, and Brown Belt in Hapkido.

Mr. Jon Gibson

Mr. Jon Gibson started training in the martial arts in March 2006 under Master Ken Blumreich. Mr. Gibson is currently an instructor at AKF Athens and ranked 3rd Dan in Kyuki-do.

Mr. Tony Durden

Tony Durden holds the rank of 1st Dan in Kyuki-do. He started his training in February 2013 under Master Ken Blumreich in Athens, Georgia. In addition to Kyuki-do, he also trains in Aikido and Hapkido.

Mrs. Kim Durden

Kim Durden holds the rank of 1st Dan in Kyuki-do and is an instructor at AKF Athens. She started her martial arts career in February 2013 under Master Ken Blumreich in Athens, Georgia. Mrs. Durden is also the social media specialist and photographer at AKF Athens.

Mr. Evan Durden

Evan Durden holds the rank of 1st Dan in Kyuki-do. He also started his martial arts training in 2013, under Master Ken Blumreich in Athens, Georgia. Young Mr. Durden believes it is his responsibility as an instructor to help others defend themselves better and to become better people.

Mr. Daniel Williams

Mr. Daniel Williams began his martial arts training in 2010 and has since attained the ranks of 1st dan in Kyuki-Do, 1st dan in Yoshukai karate, and yellow belt in Hapkido. He has served as the Senior Administrator for AKF Athens since the fall of 2012.

Mr. Mitch Harris

Mr. Mitch Harris started training in various martial arts for over 20 years.  He is currently ranked 1st Dan in Kyukido, 1st Kyup (red belt) in Tang Soo Do, and Golden Sash/Earth Dragon in Hop Gar Kungfu.  Mr. Harris is an instructor and has been studying under Master Ken Blumreich in Athens, GA.

Dr. Phillip Tomporowski

Dr. Phillip Tomporowski started his martial arts training in 1968 in Shotokan Karate.  Since then, he has attained the rank of Shodan in Tang Soo Do Karate, Dou Fa Kwan Hapkido, Wa Shin Ryu Jujutsu, and Midori Yama Judo; ranked Nidan in Shin Nagare Karate, Shin Shin Jujutsu and Hapkido; and ranked San Dan in MAUSA Judo.  Dr. Tomporowski is the Judo head Instructor at AKF Athens.

Mr. Derek Thiess

Derek Thiess has studied various martial​ arts, including Tomiki Aikido and Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, ​and currently ​holds the rank of​ shodan (1st degree black belt) in Kodokan style Judo. ​H​e began his training in Jujitsu under Sensei Young Park at Mudokwan Dojo in Indianapolis in 2010. He is currently an assistant instructor in the Judo program.


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