Will AKF Martial Arts actually increase you or your child’s confidence, discipline, physical fitness, and teach vital self-defense skills that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life? Absolutely, but don’t take our word for it. Below are some comments from real life AKF Martial Arts members.

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We first became interested in Kyuki-Do to help our 10 year old son’s excess energy at the recommendation of a friend. I decided to join him after the first trial class was super fun and Master B was super encouraging and engaging. Ten months later, every class continues to be super fun and always different. Master B is a gifted teacher and his assistants are all top notch instructors. My son’s energy has been channeled beautifully. For me, it’s been really mentally stimulating to learn something completely different and new. For both of us, it’s special to have something in common that we both enjoy as we enter the awkward phase of adolescence.
-Heather Alley
AKF Athens has been an incredible part of my life for more than a decade. The instructors are dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable. They really want to see students succeed, and are teachers of impressive ability. All of the programs help people- childen and adults- become more successful not just in martial arts, but in life. The friends I have made at AKF Athens have stuck with me and brought so much joy into my life. The atmosphere is welcoming to people of all ability levels and stages of life. Truly a unique martial arts experience in Athens!
-Erik Hofmeister,
University of Georgia Faculty
I wanted to learn martial arts as a teenager but I didn’t get a chance. When I finally got the opportunity and started at the AKF Athens Martial Arts, I found it to be the perfect combination of physical and mental activity while being fun and rewarding. The instructors are friendly and are willing to work with each person’s limitations. I found this especially helpful since I started four months after having a baby. I also enjoy the challenge of increasing one’s endurance, strength, flexibility, and memory. I look forward to every class as it’s a great stress reliever and a terrific work out.
-A.P Jarrett
I cannot begin to express my appreciation for the services offered by Master Blumreich and his staff. I have enjoyed watching multiple classes, and I have been thoroughly impressed each and every time. I truly believe this place is above and beyond what martial arts training is meant to be. The little dragons class is wonderful. To watch them wrangle several young, hyperactive children is impressive – but then to teach them how to be respectful, disciplined, and skilled in self defense is unbelievable. Instructor Hali, instructor Durden, and Master Blumreich are a phenomenal team, and I encourage you to take advantage of one of their free trial sessions. You will not be disappointed. With all my gratitude,
-Erin T Carlton.
3 1/2 years ago, my family was looking for a place where our son would learn to stand up for himself and where my husband could do Judo or Jiu Jitsu. I wasn’t even interested. In the end, we all chose to attend AKF Athens Martial Arts due to its family atmosphere, awesome instructors, and wonderful owner/head instructor. I may not have been interested in the beginning, but I became interested the moment that first class started! I didn’t just learn blocks, kicks, and strikes, I learned about other cultures and languages. Most importantly, I learned confidence, self respect, respect of others, and gained a love and loyalty for the whole art and its instructors. There is something for everyone as they offer a variety of martial arts, have multiple clinics, host birthday parties, and have a great instructor-to-student ratio. You will be extremely hard pressed to find a school that is as invested in their students as this one. We aren’t just students being taught a martial art; we are people being taught life lessons, history, tenets, and so much more! Our family believes AKF Athens is THE place to learn quality martial arts, from very knowledgeable instructors, in Athens! You may think that black belt is the goal; it’s really just a stop along the way.
-The Durden Family


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